Ground type gantry take up and traverse machine

Ground type gantry take up and traverse machine

Pay off motor:5.5kw/1450rpm AC frequency motorthe bobbin main shaft  is driven by the gear boxIt's driven by the Danfoss 29 controller

The take up machine has an emergency braking device. After the emergency braking device is activated, the cable bobbin(1600mm) will not rotate more than half a circle.

With Limit switch,The whole machine adopts Siemens S7-200 PLC management, TD-400 joint control, and provides the connecting channel and relevant signals of the main control cabinet of the Demander.

●  Take up type          Ground type gantry take up

●  suitable bobbin size            PN800—PN1600

●  Bobbin width            600~1180mm

●  Weight                4T

●  suitable cable diameter  maxΦ25mm

●  Take up speed            100m/min

●  Take up main motor       AC-5.5kw/1450rpm AC frequency motor

+BSYK150 three-speed transmission+belt pulley

●  Take up controller          Danfoss 29

●  Lifting motor            BLD10-43-0.75kw,1450rp,2set

●  Clampingloose drive      Y90L-6P-1.1Kw960rpm,AC motor

●  Traverse motor      BWED110-59*17-0.75Kw/1450rpm frequency motor

 Opening & Clamping Speed:        600m/min

●  Lifting speed        650m/min

 low-voltage electrical apparatusSiemens or schneider brand

●  steel flat20*60*4m/pcs2pcs