Metal Tape (Steel-Aluminum tape) Accumulator

Metal tape (Steel-Aluminum tape) accumulator
1.Structurental horizontal type,the metal tape will be festooned in the box by means of a motor driven rubber covered roll at a rate faster than the rate at which tape is being removed from the accumulator box by the cable. In order to ensure the tape moving regularly and avoiding the pressing or folding of the belt, the auxiliary unit for conveying will be mounted on the bottom of the tape accumulator.
2. Tape-accumulating width:10~120mm(manual operation)
3.Tape-accumulating thickness:0.2~0.3mm
4. Tape-accumulating speed:Max.80m/min
5. Tape-accumulating length:Max.100m
6. Tension control:0.6kg magnetic powder
7. Operate convenience,air pressure range:0.1~0.6Mpa