FTTH Drop Cable Coiling and Rewinding Machine

Drop cable coiling and rewinding machine

  • Application:
    It is suitable for the coiling and winding, of FTTH butterfly cable, 12cores FTTH drop cable, etc.The equipment production efficiency is high, good traverse quality, remove the stitch is convenient

  • Machine characteristic:
    1,It is easy to install and discharge bobbin, use cantilever-type integrated guide to store cable, and use the linkage brake mechanism
    2,Traverse adopts the rod type guide wheel and tension type automatic traverse, the traverse is neat and beautiful, the mature operator can finish  one coil about 30-40 seconds

  1. After the cable coiling, the inner diameter can be free adjust, which can be quickly packed and easily removed. The efficiency is high and the time is short.

  • coiling head specification
    1,Coiler outer diameter: φ300mm(can change according to customer requirement)
    2,Coiler inner diameter: φ120mm(can change according to customer requirement)
    3,Coiler width(thickness): 30-120mm(can adjust)
    4,Suitable for :FTTH drop cable   

  • 5.Take up shaft rotation speed: 0-600r/min

  • 6,Motor power: 2.2KW

  • 7,Inverter :2.2KW

  • 8,Meter counter:  High precision (the number of meters can be adjustable) can be corrected by itself